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Centaurs: Hybrid matter :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 1 7 ID :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 2 0
Creepypaste #3: Hunger
You know when you were little and your belly growled and you asked “Why?” And mum and dad patiently answered “Because you're hungry”?
I think they didn't know either. Maybe not even the first that gave himself that answer knew, almost it were a myth to explain the noises in the stomach, not even him knew that there is That.
What exactly *is* That? You'll ask. Nothing, it's just That. That is in your stomach and needs to assorb organic material.
I'll try to explain in a simple way: if there wasn't That inside of you, you wouldn't ever be hungry. Humans themselves don't feel hungry, it's that That grows inside their stomach while they're still fetus.
You can't see it, it's tiny tiny, so it can't be removed.
Well, and so? You'll ask. In effect it isn't that great discover that a tiny thing lives inside your stomach asking sometimes any form of organism, animal or vegetable, alive or dead. Actually it seems one of those stupid cute tales your parents tell you, like
:iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 1 4
Creepypaste #2: Barrier
And I try again.
I go again the fastest possible towards that same point, but I knew it: I can't pass! I don't know how, but it seems that an impenetrable barrier appeared and I can't go where I want. I don't remember exactly the point where I entered in this labirynth, but I remember that I come from *there*. That tree, I was near that tree before, why can't I go out?
I'm getting crazy, this seriously is frustrating.
Furthermore I've tried so many times to crash it, even with my head, that I'm becoming dumb.
In the distance a hear a very loud noise, creepy, like steps nearer and nearer,  It must be a huge creature. I can hear its slow breathe coming towards me.
I must go fast, fast, rapidly! I can't get out damn it!
I surrender and lie against that damn barrier hoping that somehow it will disappear. What will it do to me? Will it devour me? I know about many ended by this beast's hands: who was drowned, who was freezed, who was burned, someone amongst the most unlucky
:iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 0 0
Mature content
Creepypaste #1: Blood on the carpet :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 0 0
Dia del libro :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 1 2 Juggler :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 0 0 Lollie :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 3 4 Annoying :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 1 2 Mon petit Pierrot :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 0 7 Who? Me? :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 0 4 I was meant to be cute :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 0 5
Mature content
Racconto di una vita non tanto semplice :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 1 9
Boku no kouhai wa kawaii desu ne? :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 4 8 Eel gijinka Orenji :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 1 8 CyberLady :iconchoco-late-vanitas:Choco-Late-Vanitas 3 0


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